If you want to have true freedom and be able to disconnect yourself from the strangle hold of the big energy companies I have good news and bad news.

The good news is that by using alternative sources of energy you can get off grid.

The bad news is that one wind turbine or one solar panel isn’t going to be enough to do it.

If you can combine the benefits of wind power and solar power that is probably your best bet. The two sources of energy compliment each other very well. If it’s night or rainy you may still have wind and if there’s no wind you have a good chance of having sunlight.

Typically one small wind turbine will generate about the same electricity as 5 solar panels so you would need fewer turbines than solar panels.

If you wanted to buy a turbine the cost would be prohibitive for most people, but you could easily build your own for around $200. The parts are standard items that you can find in your hardware store. The whole project shouldn’t take more than a few days to a week max.

Just one wind turbine is estimated to generate enough power to supply your home with about 60% of it’s electricity needs and though that’s not enough to free you from your utility bills it is enough to make a pretty big dent in that bill.

In order to get off grid you will need multiply wind turbines or you will need to combine them with other sources of alternative energy such as solar power. It can be done, but it will take some money to accomplish it.

It might be better to just concentrate on saving as much as you can on your utility bills by making more of your own energy.