The rules of attraction, or you might know it as the law of attraction, are natural laws that are undisputable, a bit like the law of gravity. You can choose to ignore these laws but that could result in disastrous consequences. You will actually use more energy fighting against the rules of attraction than you would if you choose to believe them and use them to your advantage. The first step to using these rules is to understand how they work.

To try and explain the law of attraction let’s take a look at a common example. You wake up in the morning, put some toast in the toaster and it comes out burned. This angers you and starts you thinking in an negative way. When your day starts out bad it will usually continue to be bad for the rest of the day and this is because when you convey negative energy you will often receive more negativity in return. Your negative thinking is attracting more negative behavior.

You actually create your own energy field through the way that you think, the words that you use and the actions you take. You are actually using the law of attraction whether you realize it or not, it is just unfortunate that many people use it in a negative way – although they don’t realize that it is their own thoughts and actions the are attracting more negativity. The first step to using the rules of attraction for your benefit is to be aware of it.

Once you are aware of the rules of attraction and how they work, you then need to learn how to use them to benefit you. To use the rules of attraction you need to be aware of yourself. Don’t worry about your position in life as a mother, father, son, daughter, boss, employee, or any other position, just be aware of yourself and just yourself. Then you need to become aware of others in the same way, be aware of them as they are and not as what their positions are – so you want to get rid of any fear or envy that you might have toward them. You need to try and give everyone the benefit of the doubt, you don’t always know a person’s full circumstance and often can view them the wrong way, so try not to view anyone by their position but just view them as a person.

By doing this you develop an empathy for others and it can help you see others differently, in a more positive way. You might actually begin to enjoy the company of a person that previously you have always been jealous of. Being aware of people as people can get rid of any negative feelings toward them. This awareness is huge in your journey to using the rules of attraction and it can completely turn your life around.

The Law of Attraction is quite simple, you get returned to you what you think and feel. So if you have previously felt anger or negativity toward a person, chances are that they have always acted in a negative way toward you. Turn that around and release the anger or negativity you feel and think positively about a person, chances are they will treat you in a very positive way. This also works with your goals and dreams in life – if you think negatively and think that they are just dreams and you could never achieve them, then that is what will happen. But if you think about them positively and believe that you can reach your goals, then you will begin to act in a positive way to take steps toward achieving them.

Your positive outlook can really make a difference to being able to achieve your goals and to be much happier as a person. It is difficult to change into a positive way of thinking if you have been thinking negatively for so long, it will take time. Whenever you find yourself slipping back to thinking negatively just be aware of it and pull yourself back into your positive mindset.

Your dreams and your goals can become a reality if you truly believe it. If you put out positive energy when thinking about your dreams you will attract that positivity back into your life and you will reach those goals.

One very effective tip in your journey to use the rules of attraction is to make a conscious effort every morning and evening to be thankful for what you have in your life. Just take a moment to be grateful for something that you have and this will help to develop the positive attitude that you need to use the rules of attraction.