Have you tried using the Law of Attraction but failed, Perhaps the answer is a law of attraction coach.

A coach is somebody who is an expert in their subject. In this case, it would be somebody who is living the life they want after implementing principles based on the law of attraction. So what should you look for in a coach,

You need someone who can teach. It is possible for someone to be extremely knowledgeable about a certain field but they lack the skills to pass that knowledge on. So you are looking for someone who has the natural ability to translate often complicated theories into language you understand.

A coach does not give you instructions or dictate how you spend your time. Instead the role of a coach is to guide you on your journey of self discovery. They provide a helping hand when you get stuck or confused or impatient when it appears that the universe is deaf to your desires. The law of attraction coach will act as a sounding board. While only you know exactly what will make you happy, sometimes we can struggle articulating the details. Your advisor will help you by asking all the questions you need to answer in order to discover your ideal life.

What is the key to getting the law of attraction to work for you, You need to be grateful for the gifts you already have. Even if you are currently going through a difficult time, I guarantee that you have something to feel thankful for. As we practice showing appreciation, we get more things to be grateful for.

Look for the silver lining in everything that happens to you and be thankful for it. No matter what difficulties you are currently experiencing, the lessons you will learn will help you in your later life. Be thankful for these experiences as they will help you grow although they may be very painful at this moment in time.

Your coach will explain that your current life is a reflection of what is inside you. That is the good news as we have 100% control over what we hold inside of our minds. In other words our reality is based on our perception of our current circumstances. This would explain why you can have two people stuck in the same 3 hour traffic jam , one will be having a nervous breakdown or becoming angry and aggressive while the other will be relaxing listening to the radio or audio tapes. Their circumstances i.e. the traffic are similar but their reactions are completely different.

You will need to be able to trust your advisor 100%, becuase you will be sharing intimate details of your life; with him or her. It would be a good idea for you to interview several coaches and meet a couple of their past or present students. Once you have done this, trust your inner instinct on which of the law of attraction coach would be right for you.