The rules of attraction (most commonly referred to as the Law of Attraction) are undisputable, natural laws, like the law of gravity. Can you ignore them, Yes, you can, with the same disastrous consequences as if you ignored the law of gravity. It takes more energy to dismiss the Law of Attraction than it does to harness it and use it to your advantage. Just understanding how it works is the first step in doing this.

What’s a good example of the Law of Attraction, A very basic example that everyone has witnessed at some time in their lives is anger. When you convey your anger, this is often what you will get in return. You are attracting like behavior.

Little do many people realize that they are creating their own energy field through their thoughts, words and actions. You too are involved in the Law of Attraction just by being alive and going about your day-to-day business, whether you realize it or not. The first step is accepting this fact and being aware of it.

The next steps involve learning to interact with the rules of attraction so that you can benefit both yourself and others around you. As stated above, it all starts with being aware. What do you need to be aware of, First of all, you need to be aware of yourself. Just yourself. Not your position in your company. Not the various roles that you play in life (mother, father, son, daughter, customer, etc). Next, you want to become aware of others as they are, not as their roles, not as competitors or threats. No matter what the circumstance, try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. Keep in mind that many others are struggling, perhaps as you are, or perhaps more.

Keeping this in mind contributes to your comprehension and empathy of others’ situations and rids you of a sometimes natural instinct to compete or overcome. Awareness is hugely important. Just being aware of and witnessing the power of attraction can totally change your life around. Awareness in itself is a very powerful energy.

The Law of Attraction is really pretty simple. You get in return what you think and feel so always be thinking and feeling your goals and dreams as realities. It’s perfectly normal at times to question these beliefs. But when you feel that you are starting to swerve towards doubtfulness, just change gears and put yourself back into your proactive state.

Never stop believing that your dream can definitely become your reality. Your passion and dedication to the outcome guarantees that. Stay on track, keep your awareness up and your positive thoughts flowing.

Finally, when you wake up every morning, give thanks for what you do have. Everyone has at least one thing to be thankful for. This attitude starts your way off right in terms of the rules of attraction.