The law of attraction is a complex subject. There are numerous books and audio courses available to help you with your studies. Probably the best place to start is a law of attraction video called The Secret.

The Secret was released in 2006 and quickly became a worldwide hit. The film appealed to a huge audience, young and old alike. It became a whole industry in itself with its own website, book, daily teaching program etc.

What makes this law of attraction video special, Well it features just about every well known expert and a few who weren’t so well known. One very inspirational speaker is Morris Goodman. He is known as the “miracle man”.

After his plane crashed, Mr Goodman was told that he would never again walk or talk normally. He refused to believe the doctors. Instead of accepting the damage his injuries had caused, he started to visualise himself walking out of the hospital. He did and today he travels the world giving motivational speeches on the power of the law of attraction.

“The Secret” is all the more intriguing, when you learn that Rhoda Byrne got on the plane from Australia to the States, having nothing more than blind faith in her project. She hadn’t had confirmation from any speaker that they would appear on her video. She just believed that they would. And they did!

It is very difficult to watch this law of attraction video and not end up believing in these laws. Every speaker appears to have an inner vibrancy about them. They live life to the fullest and are not afraid to tell everyone that they live their lives according to the law. Hearing someone like Jack Canfield explain how he went from earning $8000 per annum to $100,000 per annum (and now an awful lot more!), when he began adopting the laws is inspirational. But it is not just about wealth and becoming rich.

It is about helping others to live their ideal life. Some of the people interviewed used the law of attraction to treat their patients. They are qualified medical doctors who also believe that an individual’s inner belief system; will help or hinder the progress of their illness. Others such as Dr Michael Beckwith use his knowledge of these laws in his meetings with the Dalai Lama and other influential leaders.

John Assaraf who was a former street kid explains how the law of attraction changed his life , he is now a multi millionaire and owns several businesses. Bob Proctor, the renowned international bestselling author and teacher, explains how his life changed when his mentor, Earl Nightingale introduced him to the Secret i.e. the law of attraction.

I like to put on my law of attraction video as it helps to reinforce my learning. The video doesn’t replace the knowledge you will gain from studying the laws in detail. However, it is a very good introduction into the magic you can achieve; by applying these laws to your life.