Interpersonal attraction in simple terms is what causes relationships and friendships. It is a major situation in psychology that is studied. There is not much data on what would cause a person to be attracted to another and then be repulsed by someone else. Despite all the studies,interpersonal attraction remains a mystery. Of course,certain principles are at work.

There is a belief that people are attracted to people who have the same level attractiveness physically. Also people from the same social background or similar economic situation will be experiencing the interpersonal attraction when they are drawn together. However in some cases, people who are opposites will be attracted and happier together than two people who are similar in personality and dominance. You may have more control over interpersonal attraction than you think.

You may be unable to use concentration when trying to attract a certain person, however you can use certain concepts when attracting a certain type of person to you. Like attracts like, so says the universal law of attraction. Based upon what you believe, magnetic attraction will draw certain things to you. A conscious creation of your personal reality can affect you as well.

Your first step is to decide what you would want in a person, and believe that there is a person out there that fits your criteria an is able to come into your life. You must believe in what you want and whether it is available to you in order for the person with those qualities to be drawn to you. The attraction of a person that complements us, called interpersonal attraction is affected by belief and thoughts just like other types of situations or finances are affected by thoughts. If you have decided that you will have prosperity and can attract it, then you can also have a positive person in your life by attracting them. The positive belief that you have will surround you in an aura of positiveness. This will affect those that you seek to attract because it puts out a signal for others that are positive.

Since it is believed that people will gravitate toward those that will complement their personality, then the positive aura that surrounds you will attract those that are positive. Being open to financial prosperity and good fortune will work in your favor as well, because it will attract people that hold the same belief. Amazing things can happen with the power of positive thought, not just with finances or a job but with the people you attract to yourself. Attraction must be mutual in order to work and when you believe positive things about yourself you help interpersonal attraction work to draw positive people to yourself.