As we all know, espresso is just one of the coffee beverages that are popular throughout the world! Even though there are plenty of flavors of regular black drip coffee, one of the things that people enjoy about espresso is that there is hardly ever anyone that orders just a plain espresso plain and simple. It seems as though an espresso always has to be added to some other mixture in order to taste better, although many people feel that espresso beverages are just fine the way they are! There are actually probably more than 50 definite ways of mixing espresso with different coffee mixtures in order to get a different flavor each time, however, there is probably more than that still. Nevertheless, if you’ve been wondering about what some of the different popular espresso mixtures and forms of espresso are, here is a short-list of the many beverages one can order espresso with:

The Americano

Probably so named because regular black coffee is popular in America, and perhaps more so than espresso is (even though it’s a close tie!); the Americano is actually a simple espresso beverage. The espresso is made but then is diluted with a little bit of water in order to make the taste less strong, but the taste will actually resemble that of black regular coffee that’s made from a machine! Even though the Americano is popular with many people throughout the United States and elsewhere, the concept of it is a little bland. Considering the fact that many people love to doctor their espresso beverages up with whipped cream, chocolate shavings, and other such toppings the Americano may seem like an unfair version of the espresso that some may just doctor it up anyway!

The Latte

Even though this espresso beverage is probably the one that is the least understood it is quite necessary to explain exactly what an espresso latte is. Some people actually think that the latte is a separate beverage from the espresso, but the espresso still is used as the main ingredient in a latte. How the Latte comes together, though, is a bit of steamed milk is poured over the espresso itself. On top of the whole mixture then is a fine, or sometimes thick layer of a frothy and foamy substance. This espresso beverage is probably most likened to the cappuccino, which will be explained next!

The Cappuccino

This espresso beverage is probably most known as the sister of the Latte itself. The reason for this, though, is the fact that the cappuccino also includes milk and the same foamy substance on top. However, the cappuccino is slightly different because it actually contains a considerably less amount of milk, but the milk is replaced with more foam on top!

Now that you know three of the basic forms of espresso beverages then you are ready to walk into a coffee shop as a well prepared consumer. But trying all three of these espresso drinks is a great idea to finding out exactly what espresso drinks you like and dislike!