If you are looking for a Law of Attraction book to guide you on your metaphysical journey started by watching the popular 2007 video “The Secret,” this article is going to give you some guidance as to where to look.

The Law of Attraction has been articulated in that phrase since the late 1800s. It is clear, though, that successful people throughout human history have made use of the powers of the law.

The Law of Attraction describes how your thoughts and feelings create your life circumstances and outcomes. You bring about the things you focus on. If you focus on something more strongly, the more you attract it to you.

So, if you are interested in this philosophy, here is a brief overview of the many Law of Attraction book offerings out there.

The appropriately named “Law of Attraction: The Science of Attracting More of What You Want and Less of What You Don’t” book by Michael Losier came out before “The Secret” but it provides a roadmap for action. Losier is a coach, speaker and writer. Most recently, he has added talk show host on Oprah’s radio network to his resume.

Losier’s book is fairly short , only 142 pages. It is a clear and concise guide with plenty of practical exercises. There are a number of work sheets to motivate you into action and help you focus. While the book does not go into any great depth, a beginning student will find it useful to develop the concepts such as clarity.

Another popular Law of Attraction book is David Hooper’s “Guide for Living: Law of Attraction , How to attract Money, Love and Happiness.” This one is even shorter than Losier’s (only 80 pages), but is powerful in that it explains and applies the Law of Attraction in several subject areas.

The first half of the book is the theory. The second half is the application to areas of your life including work, relationships, and health. This is a “big picture” book with practical applications.

Perhaps the most well known and comprehensive Law of Attraction books are those written by Jerry and Esther Hicks. Esther channels a being named Abraham and the books are written as Abraham-Hicks.

For the past 20 years, the Hicks have presented seminars, books, and tapes about the Law of Attraction. Perhaps their best work is “Ask and It is Given” which is extremely comprehensive. The focus of the book is on learning to manifest your desires.

The first half of “Ask” is an overview of the law of attraction at work. It answers a variety of questions about the alw of attraction.

The second half of the book has a variety of exercises that help you create the life you want. The sheer volume of the exercises guarantees that there is something for anyone with even a modicum of interest in the subject.

If you are looking for a Law of Attraction book, I suggest that you start with these three and then attract other material into your life!