If you have been in a serious relationship for some time and it has recently ended maybe you just need to just have fun dating for a little while. It might be a little difficult to get yourself back out there especially if you are a little older and have not been dating for a while but you just need to get back on the horse, so to speak. It will come back to you in no time.

Obviously, the first step is to find someone to date. There are several ways to accomplish this. You can join an online dating site and fill out a profile to see who they match you up with, or you can go to a church function for singles and see if there is someone there you are interested in dating, you can get fixed up with someone by a friend or family member, or you can try to meet someone on your own in the produce section of the super market.

However you do this part makes no difference. When it does happen you will need to come up with some fun dating ideas to keep things interesting and keep them coming back for more. The first date is important because that it when you find out if you actually like each other and usually get through the awkward stage of not knowing what to say all through the date. sometimes those silent times can be brutal, not to mention embarrassing and can ruin any chance for creating a relationship.

If you did get through the first date unscathed and you have agreed to give a second date a try then you need to plan out what to do and how you are going to have fun. Have you seen the movie, The Lake House, At one point in the movie he takes her on a walk through the city, pointing out his favorite building facade architectures and how the light of the day plays off those facades. The only problem is they are living two years apart and can only communicate by placing letters and a map to the city in the mailbox at the lake house.

I know it’s only a movie but you can do something similar together. Pack a walking lunch and get a map to your favorite place. Maybe you do not need a map if it is your favorite place. Or use the map to look at things that lead up to your favorite place. Keeping things interesting is a sure bet to getting a third date.

You can always use the old standbys like karaoke night at your favorite watering hole, dinner and a movie, or taking them to a comedy club. Making them laugh is always a good thing but you may want to be a little more creative than that. The more fun dating ideas you come up with the more interesting they will think you are and they will want to spend more time with you.