Even though energy costs are starting to moderate somewhat since last year, many homeowners are looking for ways to save more money on utility bills as well as help the planet.

Building a DIY wind turbine can really help you accomplish both goals. With todays technology a home sized turbine is cheap to build yet can supply up to 60% of the energy your home needs. Of course this can vary depending on how much wind you get.

Turbines have come a long way since the traditional windmill style turbines we’ve all become familiar with. They now come in different sizes as well as different shapes, such as a vertical turbine.

These vertical style turbines can actually look a little like an art sculpture.

A lot of people think that it is just too expensive to have a turbine for home use. That may be true if you’re planning on buying one, but you can easily build a turbine that will be just as effective as the ones you can buy, yet it will only cost you $200 to build.

The materials you’ll need to build your turbine can be found at your local home improvement center. Building your turbine shouldn’t take any more than a day or so.

You can use the same plans for a vertical or traditional windmill style turbine. A vertical turbine does have some advantages over the windmill style.

For one thing with a vertical style you can have more blades. That will enable the turbine to work ever at lower wind speeds.

A vertical turbine won’t take up as much room, even though it has more blades, as a windmill style turbine.

If you’ve been wondering if a DIY wind turbine was something you should do, I hope I’ve given you enough information so that you can make up your mind.